10th Annual Art History Undergraduate Symposium • March 21 2014

Sebastiaan Boersma • The Bliss of Creative Destruction; or, the Outlandish Outgrowth of Hugo Ball’s Mimicry and Ventriloquy


Natalie Cammarasana • Toulouse-Lautrec’s Medical Inspection: Observation in the 19th Century Parisian Brothel


Katia Fernández • Mughal Painting: Selective Appropriations and Explorations of the “Other” in Occidental and Oriental Ambits


Nicholas Harvey-Cheetham • Sensitive Networks: The Material and Aesthetic Implications of Vision, Visibility, and Surveillance in the Built Environment


Cherie Sommer •  I LOOOOVE YOUR CULTURE: The Effects of Colonial Heteronormatization and the Nuclearization of the Native Family Unit on First Nations Sexuality