Deadline: November 17, 2017

UJAH selects 4-5 academic papers in art historical research for its annual print publication. Every year, the journal receives 40-60 submissions from students in a variety of art disciplines. We embrace innovation and seek papers that push boundaries in research and analysis. 

Papers are selected on the basis of content and strength of research. Grammar, spelling, and organization are taken into account. Selected papers undergo several stages of editing. Authors must participate in the editorial process with the journal's editorial committee in-full to publish their work.

- Written for any undergraduate course at the University of British Columbia
- Related to the field of art history and/or visual culture
- Graded prior to OR in the process of being submitted to the journal
- Unpublished, both online and in print

Remove your name from within the paper/files submitted. All entries are judged blind. Entries containing the name of the author will be removed from consideration.

Submission Specifications - Click HERE to download the UJAH submission checklist!
- Maximum 2 entries per person
- Provide year, faculty, major/minor, course number in the body of your email
- No more than 20 pages in length, 12pt, double-spaced (excluding images, endnotes, bibliography)
- Full bibliography, proper citations using the Chicago Manual of Style (endnotes preferred)
- Label all files and images: "Your_Name_Title".docx (e.g. Jane_Doe_Modernity.docx)

Image Specifications
- At least one high-resolution image is recommended
- Image permission rights must be secured by the author for any image not in the public domain

Click here for information on obtaining image permission rights

All files should be submitted as an email attachment to in Microsoft Word Document (.doc/.docx) format with the subject line "Academic Paper Submission".