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Past Issues

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Issue 3 2012 Foreword


Daniel Ralston. It is an honour to set down a few words of introduction to the third issue of the University of British Columbia's Undergraduate Journal of Art History. 

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Issue 3: Trashing the Virtual Landscape: Identity and the Digital Archive in Burtynsky’s Portraits


Amanda Hardy. In September 2011, Symantec, a manufacturer of anti-virus and anti-spyware programs,as well as other Internet security products for the home, released a television commercial entitled “Stuff.” It illustrated the growing connection with intangible “stuff’’ in our own personal digital archives, on our devices, and on the web.

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Issue 3: Position on Drawing in Modern Practice


Gawon Go. While theory and practice coexist in almost all artist production, drawing is especially dependent on this concurrence. Drawing is, in fact, an indiscernible superimposition of techne and episteme, and cannot exist without both. 

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