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Past Issues

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Issue 5 2014 Foreward


Zoya Mirzaghitova. With this issue, the Undergraduate Journal of Art History celebrates its 5th anniversary! This milestone comes at a moment of turbulent change for the Journal, and marks a turning point in its short history. I would like to begin by looking back and thanking all those who helped make this happen.

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Issue 5: RezErection: Reclaiming First Nations Sexuality through Erotic Art


Emily Perkins. To be "in the erotic" is essentially to be alive as it constitutes the enactment of an integral facet of one's human identity. However, Canada's First Peoples have been excluded from representations of healthy sexuality. As such, the creation of erotic renderings of Indigenous people has become an act of resistance against the impose sociocultural systems.

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Issue 5: Andrew Grassie: Within and Beyond Painting


Rhys Edwards. The work of contemporary Scottish Andrew Grassie provokes re-evaluation of painting's potential as a critical medium. His highly detailed, minutely realized paintings depict interstitial moments and spaces within the contemporary art environment: installations being set up, lecture halls, vacant business offices, and works in storage, among other subjects.

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