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Issue 5 2014 Foreward

Past Issues

Issue 5 2014 Foreward


With this issue, the Undergraduate Journal of Art History celebrates its 5th anniversary! This milestone comes at a moment of turbulent change for the Journal, and marks a turning point in its short history. I would like to begin by looking back and thanking all those who helped make this happen.

In 2009, Alexandra Turnbull and the inaugural editors laid the foundation for the publication, outlining the mandate, format, and guidelines. Since then Daniel Ralston, Carli Vierke, and Siwin Lo have all contributed greatly to its development and growth. In the past five years they, and all UJAH editors, have contributed to the education and professional development of UBC undergraduate students as well as facilitated an academic discourse between emerging scholars. Now, I am happy to pass UJAH on to Josephine Lee and Nicole Lowe, who are transitioning the Journal to a print publication, expanding its selection of content and engaging more students in its production and discourse. UJAH is growing to create a community amongst the student body and include reviews, art, and writing from more diverse disciplines, including music, architecture, design, and dance.

This transitional issue presents this diversity of accademic content. Emily Perkins covers Native erotica in her essay on Bill Reid Gallery’s exhibition RezErect in her essay “RezErection: Reclaiming First Nations Sexuality through Erotic Art.” Rhys Edwards discusses Andrew Grassie’s contemporary painting in “Andrew Grassie: Within and Beyond Painting.” A first for the Journal, Giulia De Vita focuses her essay “William Forsythe’s Artifact: Subjectivity in the Contemporary “Baroque” Ballet” on contemporary ballet. Rachel Ozerkevich looks at the position of Jews in Renaissance Venetian society in her paper “Heathens, Traitors, and Outcasts: An Examination of the Printed Image of the Jew and its Repercussions in Renaissance Venice.” And, finally, Arianna Mao looks at the architecture of Eleen Gray in “Eileen Gray, E.1027 and Feminine Modernism: Subversions, Contributions, and Interpretations.”

We would like to thank our authors for their patience and hard work over the past year and thank them for their commitment to the Journal. We would also like to thank the faculty mentor for this issue, T’ai Smith, who’s advice and instruction was instrumental to making this issue a reality. Last but not least, we thank Deana Holmes, the Undergraduate Advisor, who spent countless hours working with us on every facet of UJAH.

Zoya Mirzaghitova

Editor in Chief, 2013-2014