Mary Buckland.jpg

Mary Buckland, Editor in Chief

Mary is in her fifth year, double majoring in Art History and Visual Arts. Her research interests include the Paris Commune, social conditions, and post-trauma art; while her artistic practice focuses on a variety of print and craft techniques.



Hailey Mah, managing EDITOR

Hailey is pursuing a Bachelor of Media Studies with a minor in Computer Science. Her areas of creative interest include multimedia journalism, zines, and cultural preservation— especially when they all converge. 



Rosanna is currently a fourth year Media Studies student and Commerce Minor. She is interested in communication design, digital marketing, and the relationship between art and technology.



Arsebel Gancena, Photographer

Arsebel is pursuing a Media Studies degree with a specialization in Visual Art. With a passion for art history and contemporary technology, he is interested in connecting the two in relation with one another. His artistic practice focuses on conceptual art and design, photography, film animation, post-internet art, and the art of drinking coffee..

Ella AdKins, EDITOR

Ella is pursuing her BA in Art History. Alongside her interest in surrealist art, she enjoys working with textiles, developing her practice in fashion design, and maintaining a plant-based diet. (Vegan Surrealism only please).


Fiorela Argueta, Editor

Fiorela is currently pursuing a BA in Art History and a minor in Philosophy. Her current research interests are in contemporary art and curatorial practices. Asides from art, she is a makeup enthusiast and enjoys watching horror films.

raina .jpg

Raina Cameron, Editor

Raina is pursuing a major in English Literature paired with a minor in Visual Art. Growing up as a dedicated dancer, she has since expanded her artistic practice to include digital design, drawing, photography, printmaking and writing. Before attending university, she was able to live in Alsace, France, where she worked with refugees and developed her passion for social and political justice, which is now interwoven in her art. When Raina is not delving into the complexities of Conceptual Art, or researching the culturally provoking methods of Pop Art, you will find her watching videos of puppies on Instagram. 


Grace Chang, EDITOR

Grace is currently attempting to pursue a BA in computer science and visual arts. When she is not immersed in the puzzles of digital art, she enjoys live theatre, slam poetry, and films with good lighting.


Nathan Clarke, EDITOR

Nathan is an all-around aspiring Dadasoph. He is an Art History major with an Anthropology minor specializing in Museum Studies. His research focuses on Dada, Fluxism, and Viennese Actionism (so far), and their varying attempts to form a revolutionary historical continuum through the utopic notion of  "Kultur."

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Marta Gorgopa, Editor

Marta is pursuing her BA in Art History, where she enjoys studying modern art,
architecture and film. Her research focuses on television, combining her interests in
visual culture, contemporary social issues and psychosocial anxieties today.


Mitra Kazemi, EDITOR & Social Media Representative

Mitra is pursuing a BA in Art History. Her research interests lie in revolutionary and political movements in art making, cultural resistance, and questions of geopolitics and ethnicity. 


Sydney Marshall, Editor

Sydney is a fourth year Art History major specializing in the study of modern and contemporary Asian art. She is also interested in publishing, printmaking, and subverting master narrative. 


Marcus Prasad, Editor

Marcus is a fifth year Art History major specializing in early modern and contemporary art. His other interests include research and writing about horror film, the self in the digital age, and long walks on the beach.


Alexandra Trim, EDITOR

Alexandra is pursuing a BA in Art History. Her research interest primarily involves postwar American culture, and she enjoys reading Russian literature.